Now is Always the Right Time

“I’d love to… but now is not the right time.”

How often have you heard people say this? Too often, people have dreams and aspirations but fail to take action. They end up never achieving their goals, not because of a lack of ability, but because of their self-limiting excuses.

Let’s explore some of the self-limiting excuses I frequently hear in my personal and professional life:

1) I’d love to… but I don’t have the time.

Yes, many of us lead busy lives. However, being busy is not a valid excuse for not pursuing your goal. The issue is not a lack of time but a lack of prioritization and time-management skills.

All you need to commit to accent training is 15 minutes of practice per day. I tell all my clients that, if they practice the “homework” I give them, using the materials I send them and methods I have taught them, I can guarantee with 100% certainty that you will see an improvement in their speech fast and you will achieve your accent goals.

2) I’d love to… but I don’t have the money.

Not having money is also not a valid excuse because it is often not a lack of money but a lack of prioritization and money-managing skills.

Spending money on reaching your life objectives should be seen as an “investment,” not as “an expanse.” The money you spend now can be reaped manifold when you reach your goal.

For those considering accent modification training but are held back because of the “expense,” I ask you this – How would better English speaking skills impact your personal and professional life? If you can put a value on it, what would it be? What is the cost of that job you didn’t get, that promotion that was given to someone else, that business opportunity that slipped through your fingers? What’s the value of achieving confidence and clarity in your communication skills? Some would even answer… priceless.

3) I’d love to… but it’s too difficult

Often, we have a goal, but we don’t know how to achieve it. The dream may appear lofty and overwhelming.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be difficult. Here is what you need to do – a) have the right mindset, b) break the big goal down to smaller, short-term goals, and c) invest your resources in seeking knowledge, mentorship, and expert coaching (see point number 2 above).

I have encountered many who believed that accent modification is difficult and therefore reluctant to spend the time, money, and effort. The truth is, with the right techniques and expert guidance, it is not only easy but inevitable.

Is having clear and effective communication skills instrumental to reaching your goal? Contact me today and discover how much closer you can be to the life you dream of building.


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