As an accents coach, this is one of my prospective clients’ most frequently asked questions. It is, in fact, two questions, depending on how you interpret it –

  1. How long does it take to see an improvement in my accent?

The answer to the first question is very simple – if you have the right guidance from a qualified professional, you will see an improvement right away.

In fact, in my one-on-one training sessions, the program is tailored to you, your needs, and your goals, taking into account your strengths and weaknesses.

If you attend the accents classes and then practice 15 minutes per day on your own, using materials and strategies I have detailed for you, improvement is not only immediate but inevitable.

Many of my clients are surprised at how quickly they see a change. Of course, individual results vary; but my clients generally report an improvement in their accent within 2-4 weeks and a marked difference in their English communication skills and confidence level within 2-3 months.

2. How long is the process of accent training?

People are always very surprised at my answer to this second question.

How long a client works with me depends NOT on the “thickness” of their accent, NOT on how quickly or how much they improve, and NOT even on how much they practice or how motivated they are, but on their individual end goal.

How much do you want to improve? Have you attained your objective? Do you have new goals?

Some people will experience a noticeable change and a boost of confidence and feel that they have reached their goal. Others want more. And still others choose to continue because they enjoy it. Hence, the training process is as long or as short as you want it to be.

In conclusion – Given expert guidance, change is immediate, and how long the process lasts depends on your personal objective.

You, too, can achieve clarity and confidence in your English speaking skills with as little as 15 minutes of daily practice. Reach out to me for a complimentary consultation.

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