Why You Should Work with an Accent Coachs

Have you been trying to work on your English pronunciation and accent by yourself, scrolling through endless TikTok and YouTube “tutorials”? Perhaps you’ve taken some online courses, such as Udemy, or even lessons from an English teacher, but have YET to reach your goal?

You’re not alone. While you can make some changes to your speech on your own, your progress will be limited.

If you want to be a good tennis player, watching YouTube tutorials and practicing with your friends will surely improve your performance. But is that enough to make you a great or even a good player? Definitely not. On the other hand, a tennis coach would be able to give you the right training that would take you to a level of performance that is wholly unattainable on your own. The same logic applies to accent training.

Here are some reasons why you should be considering working with an accent coachs for professional guidance:

  1. Analysis – An accent coach can systematically analyze your speech patterns to identify the key areas for improvement.
  2. Goal-setting – An accent coach is skilled at selecting the accent targets that would bring you the most results in the shortest amount of time.
  3. Know-how – If the accent coach is a certified Speech-Language Pathologist, such as myself, we have extensive theoretical, empirical, and practical knowledge in accent modification. The type of knowledge that is crucial for teaching you how to move your tongue and your lips, how to hit stressed syllables, how to master the necessary pitch changes, using science-based techniques that are proven to work.
  4. Feedback – Accent is unlike vocabulary or grammar, where you can “check your answers” to see whether you’re correct. Remember that practice does not make perfect. PERFECT practice makes perfect. Imperfect practice makes… imperfect. Practicing a skill diligently makes it a “habit” by building and reinforcing neural connections and muscle memory. If you’re repeatedly practicing a speech sound inaccurately, that inaccuracy will become automatic and a “habit” for you. The longer the misproduction remains unaddressed, the more difficult it becomes to unlearn the “habit” you’ve built. An accent coach would give you the necessary feedback, guide you toward accuracy, and give you tips on how to make your practice more effective.
  5. Individualization – Each person is unique in their needs, aspirations, and learning style. An accent coach would guide you through a training program tailored to your personal and professional needs, taking into account your goals and employing techniques specific to your learning style.


Many people believe that accent modification is difficult or even impossible. The truth is, with the right techniques and expert guidance, it is not only possible but you’d be surprised at how quickly you improve!

It’s time to stop the random trials. Stop the frustrating guesswork. Stop WASTING your time and energy. You are a competent professional with advanced-level English, and it’s time to let that come across in conversation.

Want results that will make a REAL difference in your life? Book a complimentary consultation with me and discover the world of new opportunities as a confident speaker.


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