Accent reduction specialist in Montreal

Vivienne Zhao 

M.Sc.(A), SLP

Speech Language Pathologist

About Me

About Me – My name is Vivienne Zhao; I’m a speech-language pathologist and accent reduction coach in Montreal with over 20 years of experience. I believe in the power of speaking confidently, and I’m dedicated to helping you meet your accent goals. I offer expert accent reduction services using research-based techniques to provide optimal results for all my clients’ needs.

My own personal career journey started with attaining my Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology at McGill University. Throughout my studies, I learned the science and psychology of the way we speak, listen, and communicate. After I graduated in 1998, I started striving to use my speech pathology expertise to help people become their best selves.

In 2001, I attained certification in the Compton P-ESL (Pronouncing English as a Second Language) Accent Modification Method, a research-based technique of accent modification proven to yield success-maximizing results. Reducing your accent can feel like frustrating guesswork or even an impossibility. With my combination of academic knowledge and experience working in the field, I can provide you with the professional and science-supported program you need to achieve your communication goals.

My expertise with accents and accent modification comes not only from my studies and work experience, but also from my own personal background. I was born and raised in China, but my life has taken me all around the world. I lived in both the U.S. state of California and in England before settling in Canada, so I know first-hand the challenges that a foreign accent can make when living and working in a new country.

I fully understand the complexities of adjusting to new languages and accents. Furthermore, I am trilingual in Mandarin, English, and French; becoming fluent in speaking and pronouncing these new languages helped me to develop my own personalized accent training strategies. I provide client-centred, individualized accent modification programs, because I know from my own experience that everyone’s journey with language and accent learning is unique. My online programs are designed to work with your needs and curate a program that’s right for you. When you have personalized accent reduction services, you can find your own path to success.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to accent modification. That’s why my combination of academic excellency, certified work in the field, and personal experience with language adjustment challenges brings something special to the table. I have helped countless people achieve confidence in their communication skills. If you’re ready to take your life and professional career to the next level, then I can help you discover the world of new opportunities as a confident speaker.

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