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Achieve Personal and Professional excellence with Accent Reduction Training for Groups and Individuals.

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Do you lack confidence in your accented speech? Do you feel your accent is holding you back from achieving your career potential? Do your employees experience communication difficulties due to accent differences? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then an accent reduction program is your solution.

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Accent reduction coaching is a form of speech therapy to help individuals and groups modify their accents for personal and professional enrichment. Our accent reduction program is based on professional speech pathology techniques with proven efficacy. We are located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, but available to local and international clients through the online format.

Here are three of the main ways that online accent reduction services can optimize professional and personal success:

Confidence in speaking

When it comes to life achievements, confidence is often the key to success. When you are confident in your accent, you can amplify your message in both personal and professional situations.

Professional advancement

Unfortunately, prejudice and discrimination based on accented speech are real. It holds many brilliant and driven people back from achieving their goals. Accent modification can reduce your chances of experiencing linguistic discrimination in your career. If you feel that it’s time to take your professional advancement to the next level, accent reduction services can be a crucial part of your plan.

Effective and efficient communication

In the workplace, accent differences can sometimes lead to frustrating miscommunications and misunderstandings. An accent reduction expert can help you make yourself understood in professional environments, promoting fluid communication and optimal productivity.

Who Can Benefit from Accent Reduction Training

Accent reduction isn’t just for people with strong accents, or people with a particular kind of accent. Many diverse groups of individuals can benefit from these services, including foreign-born professionals, ESL speakers, or employers looking to improve the communication skills of their employees.

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How It Works
Accent reduction is a streamlined process divided into several steps. Here’s what to expect:

Step 1 – Assessment

No two accents are completely alike, so the first step to accent reduction is an in-depth assessment of an individual’s speech and language profile, specific needs, struggles, and goals.

Step 2 -Individualization

Next, the results of the assessment are used to develop a personalized set of speech objectives and accent modification goals, as well as a detailed strategy to achieve these goals.

Step 3 – Training

Our online accent reduction program prioritizes auditory discrimination and articulation of standard North American consonant and vowels sounds, as well as word-stress and intonation patterns typical of North America. The ultimate goal of the training is to achieve clear and effective communication skills.


"For years, I tried to refine my accent by watching YouTube videos and recording myself, but working with Vivienne was what finally made everything click. Vivienne created a super positive, fun, and non-judgmental environment. She considered my needs during every session, and her lessons were incredibly informative. I never felt like I had to 'get rid of' my accent; instead, Vivienne was demystifying English sounds for me, eliminating the guesswork over whether I was doing it right or not. In less than two months, I already feel way more confident in interviews and social settings! "

Juilee Raje // Editor // Marathi Speaker

"Vivienne's techniques have proven to be the most efficient among other professionals I have consulted with. Highly recommended!"

Alain Saas // Product Manager // French Speaker

"Vivienne is an excellent coach. Her scientific methods are super effective. She highly motivates you to do better. She gives great tips and is extremely patient with you. She also gives extensive materials which we can refer to. The way she designs each therapy session is tailored to focus on your difficulties and problem areas. I have improved significantly with her sessions."

Pavit Srivatsan // Software Engineer // Tamil Speaker

"Vivienne is a true professional with a lot of experience and, above all, an extraordinary person! Thanks to Vivienne, I was able to recognize English sounds and improve my pronunciation in a short time. She helped me apply techniques to improve my speech and make my English sound more natural. I would definitely recommend Vivienne to all non-native speakers who want to improve their English communication and build their confidence. I am really glad I found you Vivienne! A big thank you for your excellent services and your support!"

Margarita Mavromichalis // Administrative Assistant // Greek Speaker

"L’impact de mon parcours de coaching avec Vivienne a été incroyable. Travaillant essentiellement en anglais, ma seconde langue (formations, ateliers, keynotes…) je souhaitais améliorer ma prononciation afin d’offrir à mes interlocuteurs•trices, une expérience plus confortable. Par un processus pédagogique bien structuré (théorie, exercices adaptés à mon contexte professionnel) Vivienne m’a permis d’améliorer significativement la qualité de mon anglais et d’être plus à l’aise et mieux compris dans divers contextes au travail et dans la vie de tous les jours."

Jean-Marie Chapeau// Consulting-Director //French Speaker

"My boss asked me to take accent reduction classes with Vivienne. I’m very glad that I followed through with her suggestion because the classes helped me tremendously! Vivienne is excellent at what she does. I struggled with the R sound in English for decades, and Vivienne helped me produce it correctly within minutes! Accent modification takes a lot of practice, but it’s all worth it. Now I’m more confident when speaking English, and people on the phone are much less likely to ask me to repeat myself. I would highly recommend Vivienne’s classes if you’d like to reduce your accent.”"

J.G. // Assistant Director at a non-profit organization // Mandarin Speaker

"Vivienne did a great job helping me improve English pronunciation. She is patient and professional. I highly recommend her services."

Keli Li // Software Engineer // Mandarin Speaker

"Vivienne has been doing a great job. She is very attentive, cheerful and focused on your needs, which has made me much more confident and free to express myself. My pronunciation has been improving every day, and I am learning sounds that I had never been taught in school. I strongly recommend Vivienne if you want reduce your accent and improve your pronunciation."

Wellington Xaiver // Financial Officer Agent // Brazilian Portuguese Speaker

"On top of her patience and skills, Vivienne is aware of the difficulties encountered by non native English speakers. It really helps to obtain productive sessions and a better understanding how a sound is produced"

Thomas Hasson // Engineer // French Speaker

"Not only will Vivienne provide you with super helpful tips and clear explanations but her communicative cheerfulness will make you eager to attend next class!"

Othmann Layati // Lawyer // French Speaker

"It’s amazing how Vivienne has helped me with my pronunciation. In a short 30-min session, she made an accurate screening of my problems in a very concise, fun and simple way. Her feedback has allowed me to work on specific areas of my speech, and now I feel more confident speaking English! I’m looking forward to working again with Vivienne."

Nicolás Garrido Muñoz // Spanish Speaker

"Vivienne is not only a true professional but also a very patient coach. It’s extremely useful to learn how native speakers produce the sounds. I learned so much from working with her, and my English has improved considerably. I highly recommend Vivienne for improving your English pronunciation and accent."

Guo Ming // Mandarin Speaker

"I really enjoyed my experience with Vivienne. She was professional with me throughout the entire learning process. Initially she determined my strengths and weaknesses and was able to make a schedule for me to learn how to improve my speech and language skills in English. I learned about many things regarding pronunciations of certain words and I have been more aware of this as I continue to practice English. She was a very patient instructor and cares about each individual that she is teaching. I would strongly recommend Vivienne to others if you feel you want to improve speech and language skills. Thanks Vivienne for being sweet and patient."

Maria Patarroyo // Designer // Spanish Speaker

"Taking this class is one of the best decisions I made in the past year. The whole process was fun! I improved a lot in my spoken English, and I have learned the principles so that I can keep improving by myself. Vivi has been very patient and supportive both in and outside our sessions. My progress was recognized by my colleagues. And I become more confident in conversations. Totally recommend, and hope you all enjoy the journey!!"

Y.B. // Ph.D. Candidate // Mandarin Speaker

"Vivienne is professional, knowledgeable and kind. Most importantly, not only does she correct my mistake, she also teaches me technique for self correct/self practice, which is the most important tool, in my opinion, that helped my progress."

Quan Nguyen // Software Developer // Vietnamese Speaker

"Wonderful courses I had with Vivienne! In the 1st meeting, she identified the points I should improve in my pronunciation and we set up the objectives together. In the following courses, we worked them out via the training materials, the practice and correction in the session and after courses. It's a very helpful and objective oriented training program."

Wang Wang // SAP Functional Consultant // Mandarin Speaker

"I wholeheartedly endorse Vivienne's coaching services. Vivienne is an exceptional Accent Reduction Coach, and her methodology is both practical and rigorous, making the learning process highly effective. Throughout our coaching sessions, I felt exceptionally supported and guided. Our Accent Reduction Coaching journey began with a comprehensive assessment of my current language proficiency level, allowing us to collaboratively identify the areas that needed improvement. This personalized approach was invaluable as it ensured that our sessions were tailored to my specific needs. Vivienne also provided me with a wealth of additional resources to deepen my practice and reinforce the concepts we covered during our sessions. This commitment to supplementary materials greatly enriched my learning experience. During our sessions, Vivienne's support was unwavering. Her positive encouragement and constructive feedback were instrumental in my progress. I always felt comfortable and motivated under her guidance. I wholeheartedly recommend Vivienne as an Accent Reduction Coach. Her expertise, personalized approach, and unwavering support make her an outstanding choice for anyone looking to enhance their communication skills."

Vanessa Ribreau // Leadership & Performance Coach // French Speaker


How Does Accent Training Work?
How Does Accent Training Work?

How Does Accent Training Work? Everyone has an accent, be it native or non-native. However, is your accent preventing you from being clearly understood despite a high level of language proficiency? Are you tired of having to repeat yourself? Do you feel that your...

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